At home thinking about Facebook 

I was sitting here thinking about how I have been making a conscious attempt to stay away from Facebook.  I think about deactivating my profile but stop when I realize I have to start remembering my passwords to applications I use Facebook to long into.  So I’ve stopped looking at my Facebook by deleting the app on my phone. 

This was something I do a few times a year just to cleanse myself.  Last November I took the month off to avoid the post election B.S. . I needed that time away.  

I came back in mid December but started to get depressed.   I used Facebook to stay in touch with my friends.  I would send a message or post something to their walls. Little by little I started to realize that I was always the person trying to make contact.  I even tried calling these friends of mine. I wanted to hang out. Get a drink. Maybe take a road trip.  Nothing but silence.  These were people that I’ve know most of My life. I felt abandoned by these people.  People who I shared adventures with so many years ago. I want share more adventures but maybe they’ve outgrown me.  I would ask them if they answered their phones. 

I look at friends I made during my college time in the Midwest and how their friends have continued to stay close all these years.  It makes me jealous because I thought I would have a crew like that. I’m getting married in 6 months and I don’t think anyone I want there will make it. I sent out invitations but I think it’s time realize that they might no show. Seeing these people on Facebook makes me sadder . Offline I feel good about my life, and family.  We have fun all the time and I can’t let people online who don’t seem to appreciate me affect me. It’s time to cut people loose.  


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